Invitation to Tour

Offering an invitation to see a blog tour in action. My March Virtual Book Tour starts soon and anyone interested in learning how this form of promotion works can follow along by visiting the participating sites. Promotion is the next thing a writer has to learn after growing some competence in the writing craft. Perhaps following my tour will enable you to learn if this method is for you. The first venue is a blog interview on March 3rd .

I will post each week’s venues and links ahead of time so you can check out what you might want to see. The calendar will be posted on my new blog and on most of the social site groups I belong to.

At the end I will try to summarize my perceptions of the experience, but the real impact will not be available until the next royalty cheque comes out. Although it hasn’t yet started I’m already having a positive experience in getting ready.

I have to note that it’s a lot more environmentally – and pocketbook – friendly than burning tanks of gas for me to drive to cities in order to sell a copy or two at a book signing. You may want to explore this as a publicity route.

Oh, the book I’m promoting? The Wildcat’s Victory is the second novel in the Iskander series, featuring the kick-ass security officer Gisel Matah.
On Amazon at
and the publisher’s site


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