Welcome to my new blog.

The promotion for The Wildcat’s Victory is just beginning. I will be on a blog interview at The Book Connection on March 3rd. The link is – http://thebookconnectionccm.blogspot.com

I don’t have the final calendar for the whole week yet, but I will post it here when I receive it. The Book Tour will run through the whole month of March, five days a week. Seems odd to me to have weekends off – I do most of my writing then. When I worked in the oilpatch the jobs always ran seven days a week until completed, so treating Saturday and Sunday differently from the rest of the week seems strange.

I’m inviting all of the members of the groups I belong to on social sites to come along and check out how a Virtual Book Tour works. Most of the sites are about writing or books, and many of the members are writers or would be writers. I would like to think that one day they will all be authors with books to promote, and seeing this online book tour in action will give them a grounding in the other side of the writing life. I say I’m inviting, but I see I joined a lot when I promoted the first novel in the series Deadly Enterprise – it’ll take me a couple of days to visit and post on them all.

I’ve not finished this site, so if you you’d like to learn more or find links to both novels in the Iskander series, go to my author page on Double Dragon and click on the book covers. You can also click on the book cover on this site to reach the DDP page for The Wildcat’s Victory.


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