Second Day of the Blog Tour

I managed to get up at 5:00 although I could hardly get to sleep last night after yet another abdication of democratic responsibility in the Alberta election on Monday. The blog radio interview went off as planned, except I sounded even more like a recent drop-in from Jolly Olde England than I ever do without electronic intervention. It must be something in the process that drives my voice back into the primeval, where the subconscious of this creature was formed.

I babbled on about the book and a few other things – as you can hear if you visit You Don’t Know Jack As of this morning the interview starts up when the page opens without your clicking the item at the top of the program links.

Yesterday I visited another site of this month’s blog tour schedule “Tips on Writing Military Fiction by William Hay” on Story Crafters and left a comment. William has replied to the comment and we are both interested in the way we have moved away from our own specialist experiences, in what the public considers exciting worlds, to maintain a distance from them. He liked my comment, “I would have to exaggerate so much I’d feel embarrassed.” if I tried to write fiction about my real-life adventures. One day we might both feel in control of the process that we can separate our persons from our characters and launch them into realistic adventures – but how, oh how, do we keep to the truth while skimming over the 98% of the mundane activities that real life entails? We would have to cringe at the comments of our comrades of those days. Talk about editing memories.

Tomorrow the Book Tour will visit for a spotlight on The Wildcat’s Victory.
You can visit The Wildcat’s Victory at any time, on Amazon at

Or on the publisher’s website at If my memory is correct the book excerpts there are of the prologue – while the excerpt on this blog (scroll down) is Chapter One.


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