Win a Free Copy of The Wildcat’s Victory

Hi All:

Today the Virtual Book Tour visits Buzz the Book  for a brief description and a part of the first chapter.

The site does more than this, because at the bottom of the entry it posts this:-
If you would like to follow Christopher’s tour, visit  in March. Leave a comment on his blog stops and become eligible to win a free copy at the end of his tour! One lucky winner will be announced on this blog on March 31

YES at the end of the month long Book Tour, one person who followed the tour and commented on even one blog will win the draw for a free POD paperback copy of The Wildcat’s Victory. The draw will be handled by Pump Up Your Book Promotion, but I will mail out the free copy from here.

Talking about the POD copies, I’m hoping to see them today. They are late, but I was able to use the tracking number and learned they arrived in Lethbridge overnight and set out on the truck at 7:30 this morning for delivery. Three of them have to be mailed to reviewers for this blog tour – I hope my reviewers can read quickly.


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