Iskander Series & the book tour

Hi All:

Today the book tour is at The Writer’s Life with an interview about writing the Iskander series novels and the way I work.

Some days I get to write a chapter or a half on one of my two novels in progress, other times I just manage to figure out a few plot issues to clear the way for a new scene. I don’t expect to do much writing today because I have to go to town with a computer issue and then our local writing group meets this evening.

At our meetings, we have one member presenting a program on a topic (I think this evening’s is the Free Write) and then I’m the featured writer to bring a piece of writing to read and have members analyze. I decided to take part of a chapter from my Iskander series novel in progress to find out the reaction to a new character I’m introducing. She’s young, pretty, completely innocent, and adrift in the city because her step brother has cast her out – times are tough in the country, with poor crops. I have plans for her innocence because I need someone to look at the scenario with fresh eyes – this will be volume four and Gisel, who is still my main protagonist, is the military governor of the city and has the unusual task of strong-arming opposition, when always before she’s been the opposition. It’s a different plot structure and I’m still plugging away at making it work.

Will post tomorrow’s visit in the morning, and maybe a bit more here about the developing theme behind the Iskander scenario.


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