Book Tour, Week 3 and more on the Facebook phishing

Hi All:

The Virtual Book Tour starts this week with Conversations With Writers, with a two part interview:-

The full program for the week is
Mar 17 and
Mar 18 (interview)
Mar 19 (spotlight)
Mar 20 (spotlight)
Mar 21 (character interview)

Returning to the subject of the phishing scam that targeted me through my original promotion on Facebook —

As far as I can see from my posts to my Facebook page the original note of mine was posted to Marketplace on March 1st (the two messages posted below are set between >>>>>> and <<<<<<)

$5.99 – The Wildcat’s Victory
Listed by you on March 1st.|Edit|Remove
For Sale – Books | 0 views
ISBN: 1-55404-538-X
Condition: new

SF/Alternate world adventure. Second novel of the Iskander series.

On Sale at Fictionwise for Leap Year weekend
Listed at Calgary, AB.

The reply was an e-mail to me on March 11th from notifications at Facebook headed

Marketplace Enquiry: The Wildcat’s Victory

Linda Candy sent you a message about your marketplace listing: The Wildcat’s Victory

Subject: The Wildcat’s Victory

Hello ma/sir,
How are you doing today? I saw your item on craigslist and am really interested in it for my cousin and there so many questions i need to ask you here are the questions below…
1. What is the condition of this item?
2. How much is the final price of this item?
3. Can you email me the pics of this item?
4. Did u accept Cashier check, personal check or money order?
5. Am taking care of shipping by my self did u accept that?
6. Can u send the rest funds on the payment to shipping company same day you get the check?because there will be excess funds on payment because of shipping company
7. I need your full name, address and phone number?
Example below
Linda Candy John
247, Kulio avenue
Because i have my own shipping company that pick
up there item from there seller, so when u receive
the check just got it cash and send the rest funds
on the check to the shipping company, because
there will be over payment the check, so when i get
ur info i will forward it to cashier that
will issue out the check to you.
NOTE….Email me to my personal ID now at for me to be sure you get my email…………….Okay

Looking at the message more closely now, I see that the classic overpayment scam is included. I guess I was too concerned about sending a compassionate response to what I thought was a child’s message that I skipped consideration of the last paragraph, which had seemed to me to be a sign of insecurity and confusion in a young person. One more example of seeing what one believes instead of what is actually there.


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One Response to “Book Tour, Week 3 and more on the Facebook phishing”

  1. ccmal Says:

    I think I’ve been around the Net too long because I knew there was something fishy with this just by reading it. The Internet is a wonderful and scary place. Glad you were able to head this one off at the pass.


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