I’m in the 2008 EPPIE Award winner.

“The EPPIE goes to: J. Richard Jacobs, Jeremy Davies, K.L. Nappier, Marilyn Peake, Margaret Whitley, Eugen M. Bacon, E. Don Harpe, Anderson Gentry, Christopher Hoare for TWISTED TAILS II: Out of Time Volume 2.”

Until J –  J. Richard Jacobs the editor of both volumes, e-mailed me for my snail mail address I had thought our sister volume Twisted Tales II: Time on our Hands Volume 1 had been the Science Fiction winner and volume 2 had been runner up. J replied to my query saying he’d thought the same thing until he received the official packet. Either way it’s a great boost for our science fiction anthologies about twists in time – both of them. The contributing authors at Double Dragon Publishing have followed up their good placing in last year’s awards with Twisted Tales I – making them a great band of brothers and sisters to be part of. Many thanks again to Marilyn Peake who did all the work of sending out the copies of the anthologies for the judging.

Watch out for next year – we’re expecting the imminent release of Twisted Tales III: Pure Fear for an anthology of terror that will have you hiding under your beds.

To get back to the business of this blog – this was Day Eleven of my Virtual Book Tour and I had an interview in two parts on Conversations with Writers. The stats showed a big peak in views over the weekend as readers logged in to look at the scam message I received on Facebook. The posts describing the scam and giving the actual wording will remain on this site, so you can still go and read them if you were busy on the weekend.

Tomorrow’s visit is to Inspired Author   http://www.inspiredauthor.com  for an interview.


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