On the Air Today.

Hi All:

Today I have another blog talk radio interview – with Denny Griffin. The time is 11:00 Pacific time, noon for me, and the link is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dennisngriffin

I won’t know what we’re going to talk about until I get on the air, so everything will be a surprise for me as well. I think I’ll try to remember my old Toastmaster training and watch my umms and errrs this time. It’s not as easy when the talk is unscripted.

Did you take a look at yesterday’s review on Sadie’s Storylines? http://sadiej.findingperfect.com/
It’s always a revelation when a reviewer focusses in on some aspect of the novel that I never think to accentuate. “ . . . see the deception behind every character as they try to protect their own interests as well as the interests of their superiors.” Yes, there is a lot of deception and hidden intrigue going on, but I’d never realized that just about every character is hiding something. I’ll be posting the review on this site in the future.

I’d just like to keep your attention a moment about an issue in the news. You will have all heard of the unrest in Tibet and the crack-down by the Chinese government. They blame the Dalai Lama, of course, and pretend their 1950 invasion and conquest of Tibet has nothing to do with it. China has always been more of an empire than a country, and so they are very sensitive to any events that point up the fact that their government extends over many other ethnic groups besides Han Chinese. At the very least it means that justice demands they respect the indigenous rights and beliefs of those they rule. This evenhandedness has never been extended to Tibet.

There is talk of boycotting the Beijing Olympics, and no doubt many individuals will do this, even if the IOC and individual governments will be more concerned with the almighty dollar, or almighty yuan. It is to be expected that some athletes will speak out politically when they have the spotlight and we should applaud their sense of duty. It seems to me that a more significant boycott is one we can all participate in – taking a very long look before buying all those cheap Chinese products in WalMart.

I support the Tibetan people in their struggle for religious freedom and human rights. http://www.freetibet.org/


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