The Reviews are on the Way.

The late portions of the Virtual Book Tour will arrive in the next week or two – the book reviews that had to be re-scheduled. In the updated schedule the first one will be the J Kaye Book Blog that is to be hosted on April 7th. I hope the reviewers are okay with the deadlines. I know that Lisa Heselton has received the review copy because she e-mailed me she had started the read. Then Susan at Bloggin’ About Books asked for a copy of Deadly Enterprise so that she can review both novels in order. I’ve not heard her mention of a date for that one. If it takes a couple of months I can used the reviews as a warm up for the release of the third novel, Arrival, in July.

The Iskander series novels as commentary on human development.

In addition to these reviews, I’ve been considering what theme I should present for the continuation of the blog. Since the site is named for The Wildcat’s Victory I believe I should keep up an aspect of Gisel’s objectives in the novel – to promote the advancement of society. Within a novel that has to comply with certain fictional imperatives, these objectives have to be kept as background to the dramatic events of the unfolding plot. I don’t want to change that completely in the blog, and turn it into some dry lecture.

Over the next week or two I will draft a couple of trial entries that approach human and social development from the direction of preventing problems our world has inherited from our past. With engineers and scientists from the future conveyed back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, as it were, what would they do differently than did our forefathers? What changes would they make in the education of scientists and administrators? What changes to an economic paradigm that can rein in the booms and busts as well as reward all people more evenly? What changes to political systems and the selection of politicians to avoid the horrors of world wars and cold wars? I think I will try to ruffle a few feathers, because it would be great to have readers respond, and  the blogs become debates.


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