Work in Progress

I have to apologize for not posting here regularly since the Book Tour ended, but the sequel to “The Wildcat’s Victory” is taking shape and when the scenes land in my mind I have to set them down. I will do my best to keep everything moving in future.

The sequel follows on from The Wildcat’s Victory a few months later. Gisel is the new military governor of Skrona, a city often mentioned in the stories, but not visited by readers before. While many people think she was rewarded with the position for her services, it’s no sinecure. The city is the focus of every nations’ military spying and industrial espionage – throw in an incipient ethnic cleansing as well and you can see Gisel has a rough time. Then there are enemies who just want to have her killed.

The other thing is that she’s unable to gallop about freely and take the initiative, which makes it a difficult story to write. Without the chance to pre-empt her enemies’ actions she has to wait patiently to catch them in one of her devious nets. From a writing point of view it has required me to introduce a number of new characters to the series, who do have more freedom to move, and whose interactions produce the intelligence Gisel’s agent network slowly gathers. I also have some of her previous cast partners, friends and foes, who haven’t been in the pages for awhile.

There is another complicating factor that I won’t mention, but if you’ve read The Wildcat’s Victory you will know what I mean.

Did you visit the J Kaye Book Blog to see the review? This is the link –  And I also have it posted here under ‘reviews’. I’m awaiting another, from Lisa Haselton, who plastered good reviews about Deadly Enterprise all over the Internet. I hope she likes this one as well.


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