The Writer’s World – just in passing.

I missed making a blog entry last week and the stats reflect it. My apologies to those of you who looked for an update on the Iskander world or the discussion of critique groups.

One reason why I didn’t post the planned responses to Donna’s and my investigation of critique groups was the fact that most of the response took place on the two Muse sites and nobody answered my query about permission to reprint some of them. I’ll look at the responses and distill the essences myself but post a summary without the attribution. That will take me more than an odd few minutes to accomplish.

As a preliminary observation it seems there was a divergence of opinion between those who regard critique groups as incubators for fledgling talent and those who look to them for hard critiques that will enable serious writers to hone their craft.

The other reason I missed the blog entry last week was that I had just reached the last page and the last words of a first draft of the latest Iskander series novel. I think I can tip off readers when I call it something of a post-partum moment when the new creation is birthed – because readers of The Wildcat’s Victory will recall Gisel discovered at the end that she was pregnant. Enough said, but you can guess the birthing of her first child figures in the mayhem taking place in the city of Skrona.

A few correspondents have agreed that the ending of a novel is an emotional – or perhaps a lack of emotion – flat time. The events that have occupied the writer’s mind for months have suddenly come to a conclusion. What next? Suddenly all those insignificant items in the writer’s own life that have been brushed aside come crowding back.

I promised to fit the baseboard in the bathroom we had tiled as our Christmas present to ourselves – so I had to begin working on that job. Then two boards in our back deck have rotted and must be replaced. And now the rain has let up the grass and dandelions have been making whoopie around the place and need their heads cut off.

If you have anything to say about critique groups, please leave your comments. I should have a week or two before I post the distillation of the earlier comments posted.


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