Dog Days of Summer?

I really must get down to writing a blog entry for this week.

I have an excuse for not writing at all this past few days – actually several excuses. I had to build an ecologically friendly fence . . . what’s that, you say? It’s like this . . .

(Aside; don’t you love those ellipses?) I built a fence running from the front of the garage to the upwind property line many years ago. While I was working and had my big ugly survey pickup available it didn’t matter that the fence slowed down the wind (and we have hurricane force chinooks) and caused snowdrifts to form right where I had to change direction from the concrete slab to the gravel driveway – because I just put the BUSP into 4WD and mowed the drift down by driving on it. Then, my more citified SUV (only a half-assed 4X4 – as are they all) could back out of the garage – or in – without becoming ignominiously stuck.

That drift has been the reason all the snide remarks people have made about SUVs has annoyed me so much these past few years. I wanted to take the unctuous SOBs by the scruff of the neck and say, “You just try to get that plastic pansy car of yours out of my driveway in the winter.”

However, the BUSP is no more than a steel lawn decoration in my driveway today. I haven’t had the ambition to try to start it for a year or two – the wear is so far advanced on several of the cylinders that it doesn’t have enough compression to fire. Yup, it’s a diesel. I haven’t insured it for 2 years and I’m still figuring out a way to salvage useful things while leaving it valuable enough that some scrapyard honcho might take it away without charging me money. Right now it’s just adding to the winter snowdrift problem.

Now for that fence. When I built the original I chose a cedar board fence, six feet high, so that it would protect the plants downwind from the winter blasts. You know what? I don’t really give a damn what the icy winter blasts do the cotton-pickin’ plants. They just have to look out for themselves. I want to look out for number one, who ever since completing the perfectly aerodynamically laminar-flow chain link replacement, is waiting fondly for a snowdrift free driveway next winter. When future  winter blasts carry snow straight down the street at 60 mph and veer left into my driveway there will be no obstacle to slow them down and send them into dizzying spirals that allow aforesaid snow to drop in front of the garage door.

If the proving trials are successful – ie, if I don’t get that half assed SUV stuck next winter – I can contemplate replacing it one day with a totally electric pickup that won’t cost me as much as a wooden nickel in gas. An internal-combustion-free transportation device that will not contribute to the global atmospheric load of carbon dioxide – as long as our hidebound utility companies quit burning coal and natural gas to generate electricity.

Now the other excuses? Well – there are the dog days, or rather the dog mornings when our two get their hour+ run and I use up about half my daily quota of free energy chasing after them. That exercise happens every day – rain or shine, blizzard or heatwave. I could write a novel in the time I spend with them, but then I’d probably become too fat and sluggish to press the computer keys. It’s always one darned thing after another.


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