Blog swallowed by Black Hole

I really should return to updating this blog more often – trouble is I haven’t thought or done anything lately that I thought people would be interested in. (Hence the entry prior to this about modifying a fence – really galvanizing revelations.)

Since this blog is primarily about the second of my two Iskander series releases, The Wildcat’s Victory, I should be writing something about it. However, a more current event is the run-up to the release of Arrival – the next story in the series (actually the prequel). I still don’t have any solid release date, other than September, so I can’t even tempt you with a countdown. Arrival is on the way and I’ve started a website for it on Freewebs: (you’ll need to cut and paste the link as it doesn’t want to go live for me.) The site has an excerpt (from Chapter 2) as well as links to Deadly Enterprise and The Wildcat’s Victory.

As for my main website:  it’s still not updated to Spring and so I will have to buttonhole my webmaster (when he next surfaces) and plan another new suite of changes. The lack of updating for this site is the reason I started the Freewebs site. I can get at that one to make my own changes.

I have yet to decide on the promotion activities I plan for Arrival. I think I want to try something new again (will find out what works one day) but keep my bonus rate for my next Virtual Book Tour in reserve for my fantasy novel release in January. That will be Rast, from Zumaya Publications. I’ve already booked my attendance at World Fantasy 2008 at Calgary at the end of October, beginning of November, to look for advance promotion opportunities for it.

I did post a new satire to Blogcritics: in response to concern expressed in some circles that the new CERN Fast Hadron Collider will create mini black holes that could (in principle) grow to swallow the entire Earth. Not to worry, the CERN people say – we know what we’re doing. The theory says any black hole created will immediately evaporate – except that the high energy collider is built to test those theories. So, if you find yourself being swallowed by a monster wall of impenetrable blackness sometime in the next – 50 hrs to 50 million years (the various interpretations say) – you’ll know what the cause is.

Knowledge is power, they say. If you don’t wind up in the black hole before Arrival is released, come over to one of my sites and check it out.


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