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The second installment of Internet Opportunities for Writers.

October 24, 2008

Since you are clearly on the Internet already, you may find things written here that you already know. On the other hand, when I read items like this by other writers I often find things I’ve forgotten or else the articles have suggested some new perspective.

One site that should be visited often when looking for writing sites online is P & E, Preditors and Editors. The following link lists most of the online writing workshop sites as well as providing links to a number of other publication oriented pages. The Warnings pages are a valuable resource.

I would suggest it’s almost compulsory for anyone delving seriously into the craft of writing to join one or more online writing groups. I think most of the information I have here came to me at one time either from or through messages other writers posted on the writing sites and forums. While sites vary in camaraderie and value it costs nothing to join them, and by lurking and reading for a few days you will soon learn who are the people who seem to know what they’re saying – as well as those who appear to be there to gratify their own egos. A few sites –

Membership also offers the opportunity to review other writers’ work and have them review yours. Most work on a system where you spend time and effort helping others with craft criticism and advice and they do the same for your submissions. Working with some writers on these sites can be as valuable as an MFA, and a lot cheaper.

And for some more sites to search –

* Some sites offer information that could lead the reader to further locations for information and opportunity. One such is Complete Review. I found that many of the entries in Search Magazines (mentioned last week) linked to articles in the archives of this site.

* More next time.


How to become well known — online

October 17, 2008

Hi All:

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting excerpts from a presentation I made to our local writing group entitled “Internet Opportunities for Writers”. I aimed it at the beginners as well as more experienced writers and more savvy browsers, but I learned something from putting it together, so perhaps so can you.

First installment:

There are two things one can use to become known on the Internet – collecting information and giving information. One can network in order to share and disseminate information about writing and one can start a newsletter, e-zine, blog or website where others may find information set out for them. Either way, the Internet may be monitarily free (or almost free) but the only way to become known there is to do something for others.

Sites to Visit.

An hour or two spent clicking through all the online sites that offer services and information for writers will either be overwhelming of inspiring. While no one will get rich from any of them, used judiciously they can provide all the encouragement and experience a writer needs to develop an early career. Of course, local businesses like community newspapers and agencies using free- lancers for overflow should also be approached – and most of them are online these days as well. What I have listed here are not regional or national outfits – these could be anywhere in the world.

Sites that have links to online magazines that may accept submissions.

This site lists a great many online magazines —

Many of them seem to be discontinued or else are merely blogs or forum sites. Anyone interested in writing on a particular topic would need to check each entry carefully. However, it costs no more than a mouse click to follow the link.

An example –   Under Lifestyles and Cultures.

It’s home page starts this way:-

Welcome to …

…A Magazine of People and Possibilities
a FREE self help, inspirational, holistic publication
in PRINT for 18 years and 12 years ONLINE!

Feel free to explore what we have to offer from our daily inspirational and kindness pages, uplifting stories, exclusive interviews with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Leo Buscaglia, Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Stuart Wilde, Neale Donald Walsch, John Bradshaw and Shakti Gawain and ARTICLES by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Barbara De Angelis, Susan Jeffers, Joan Borysenko & Alan Cohen and much more.

The purpose of publishing this magazine has always been to help you become more of who you really are. The articles and interviews are meant to inspire you to what is possible and the products and services are there to support you on your journey. Browse through the Directory Listing of Products and Services and our Advertiser’s Showcase to see if something calls to you.

Please take a few minutes to download the LATEST ISSUE of our “PRINT” magazine as well as the beautiful “Serendipity E-Book Mall” so that you may enjoy them on your desktop, when you are in need of a lift. (See sidebar) And please subscribe to our mailing list below, so that we may keep you informed of updates to this site and new issues. Thank you for visiting with us today and now…

Come, take a rest for awhile… Come, be our guest for awhile…

That’s enough for now. I have more to post. See you next time.

Arrival, the third (prequel) Iskander novel released

October 10, 2008

This week Arrival was released on Double Dragon as an e-book. The POD print copies are to come.  The link to buy a copy (only $5.09 on special this week) is

Picture Gisel Matah, the kick-butt security agent of Deadly Enterprise and The Wildcat’s Victory, as a sixteen year old starship brat. Gisel is the youngest aboard, at odds with her father, as irreverent and critical of everything as only a teenager can be, but full of wit and promise for the future. Four years earlier than the other adventures, the starship Iskander becomes stranded at the wrong planet and a chain of events unfold that lead to the Iskanders bringing the wrath of several enemies down on themselves. How did this crew of super-smart engineers, doctors, and scientists manage to get into such trouble? It’s all in the circumstances.
Gisel is the lowliest member of the crew, only accompanying her father and older brother because engineering chief Dr Henrik Matah pulled strings to have her signed on as the personal trainer and gym manager. At arrival, she looks like becoming her father’s charity case – but her courage, knowledge of Greek, and athletic skills push her front and centre into the task of establishing the newcomers in an often hostile society.

Follow her adventures during the first five months of the Iskanders’ drive to use their modern knowledge to create a prosperous future on the 17th century alternate earth, Gaia. She crosses swords with knights; becomes the interpreter for arguments and negotiations; takes up residence in a castle; guides an assault party into a fortress; meets a king; and falls in love for the first time – twice. More than a coming of age story, Arrival takes Gisel through a crash course to adulthood that sets the direction of her life for the danger-filled career to come.

On the novel’s sales page you can read a sample chapter (Chapter One) as well as the above blurb. I started a new website for Arrival — a free one — it’s at I have a different excerpt posted there. The main reason I’m using a free web host is because  my webmaster for , my main website, must be away coal mining again and I can’t get the site updated.

I will be posting some information for writers here early next week — part of a presentation I made at my local writers’ group called Internet Opportunities for Writers. While none of the information is exclusive or new I think you may find it a useful compilation. It’s quite long so I will post it in two parts. (that means I have two postings already done.) I will post more announcements and information about Arrival here as things happen. The next thing to do is get the POD print versions set up.

Until next time…