Arrival, the third (prequel) Iskander novel released

This week Arrival was released on Double Dragon as an e-book. The POD print copies are to come.  The link to buy a copy (only $5.09 on special this week) is

Picture Gisel Matah, the kick-butt security agent of Deadly Enterprise and The Wildcat’s Victory, as a sixteen year old starship brat. Gisel is the youngest aboard, at odds with her father, as irreverent and critical of everything as only a teenager can be, but full of wit and promise for the future. Four years earlier than the other adventures, the starship Iskander becomes stranded at the wrong planet and a chain of events unfold that lead to the Iskanders bringing the wrath of several enemies down on themselves. How did this crew of super-smart engineers, doctors, and scientists manage to get into such trouble? It’s all in the circumstances.
Gisel is the lowliest member of the crew, only accompanying her father and older brother because engineering chief Dr Henrik Matah pulled strings to have her signed on as the personal trainer and gym manager. At arrival, she looks like becoming her father’s charity case – but her courage, knowledge of Greek, and athletic skills push her front and centre into the task of establishing the newcomers in an often hostile society.

Follow her adventures during the first five months of the Iskanders’ drive to use their modern knowledge to create a prosperous future on the 17th century alternate earth, Gaia. She crosses swords with knights; becomes the interpreter for arguments and negotiations; takes up residence in a castle; guides an assault party into a fortress; meets a king; and falls in love for the first time – twice. More than a coming of age story, Arrival takes Gisel through a crash course to adulthood that sets the direction of her life for the danger-filled career to come.

On the novel’s sales page you can read a sample chapter (Chapter One) as well as the above blurb. I started a new website for Arrival — a free one — it’s at I have a different excerpt posted there. The main reason I’m using a free web host is because  my webmaster for , my main website, must be away coal mining again and I can’t get the site updated.

I will be posting some information for writers here early next week — part of a presentation I made at my local writers’ group called Internet Opportunities for Writers. While none of the information is exclusive or new I think you may find it a useful compilation. It’s quite long so I will post it in two parts. (that means I have two postings already done.) I will post more announcements and information about Arrival here as things happen. The next thing to do is get the POD print versions set up.

Until next time…


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