How to become well known — online

Hi All:

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting excerpts from a presentation I made to our local writing group entitled “Internet Opportunities for Writers”. I aimed it at the beginners as well as more experienced writers and more savvy browsers, but I learned something from putting it together, so perhaps so can you.

First installment:

There are two things one can use to become known on the Internet – collecting information and giving information. One can network in order to share and disseminate information about writing and one can start a newsletter, e-zine, blog or website where others may find information set out for them. Either way, the Internet may be monitarily free (or almost free) but the only way to become known there is to do something for others.

Sites to Visit.

An hour or two spent clicking through all the online sites that offer services and information for writers will either be overwhelming of inspiring. While no one will get rich from any of them, used judiciously they can provide all the encouragement and experience a writer needs to develop an early career. Of course, local businesses like community newspapers and agencies using free- lancers for overflow should also be approached – and most of them are online these days as well. What I have listed here are not regional or national outfits – these could be anywhere in the world.

Sites that have links to online magazines that may accept submissions.

This site lists a great many online magazines —

Many of them seem to be discontinued or else are merely blogs or forum sites. Anyone interested in writing on a particular topic would need to check each entry carefully. However, it costs no more than a mouse click to follow the link.

An example –   Under Lifestyles and Cultures.

It’s home page starts this way:-

Welcome to …

…A Magazine of People and Possibilities
a FREE self help, inspirational, holistic publication
in PRINT for 18 years and 12 years ONLINE!

Feel free to explore what we have to offer from our daily inspirational and kindness pages, uplifting stories, exclusive interviews with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Leo Buscaglia, Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Stuart Wilde, Neale Donald Walsch, John Bradshaw and Shakti Gawain and ARTICLES by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Barbara De Angelis, Susan Jeffers, Joan Borysenko & Alan Cohen and much more.

The purpose of publishing this magazine has always been to help you become more of who you really are. The articles and interviews are meant to inspire you to what is possible and the products and services are there to support you on your journey. Browse through the Directory Listing of Products and Services and our Advertiser’s Showcase to see if something calls to you.

Please take a few minutes to download the LATEST ISSUE of our “PRINT” magazine as well as the beautiful “Serendipity E-Book Mall” so that you may enjoy them on your desktop, when you are in need of a lift. (See sidebar) And please subscribe to our mailing list below, so that we may keep you informed of updates to this site and new issues. Thank you for visiting with us today and now…

Come, take a rest for awhile… Come, be our guest for awhile…

That’s enough for now. I have more to post. See you next time.


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