The second installment of Internet Opportunities for Writers.

Since you are clearly on the Internet already, you may find things written here that you already know. On the other hand, when I read items like this by other writers I often find things I’ve forgotten or else the articles have suggested some new perspective.

One site that should be visited often when looking for writing sites online is P & E, Preditors and Editors. The following link lists most of the online writing workshop sites as well as providing links to a number of other publication oriented pages. The Warnings pages are a valuable resource.

I would suggest it’s almost compulsory for anyone delving seriously into the craft of writing to join one or more online writing groups. I think most of the information I have here came to me at one time either from or through messages other writers posted on the writing sites and forums. While sites vary in camaraderie and value it costs nothing to join them, and by lurking and reading for a few days you will soon learn who are the people who seem to know what they’re saying – as well as those who appear to be there to gratify their own egos. A few sites –

Membership also offers the opportunity to review other writers’ work and have them review yours. Most work on a system where you spend time and effort helping others with craft criticism and advice and they do the same for your submissions. Working with some writers on these sites can be as valuable as an MFA, and a lot cheaper.

And for some more sites to search –

* Some sites offer information that could lead the reader to further locations for information and opportunity. One such is Complete Review. I found that many of the entries in Search Magazines (mentioned last week) linked to articles in the archives of this site.

* More next time.



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  1. joylene Says:

    I’m sure glad I have you in my corner.

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