Not Writing Today

Actually I haven’t been working on the two novels in progress for a couple of weeks. It’s not that I’m blocked, I know exactly where the next chapters need to go – I just need to postpone the writing until I see clear days ahead.

My wife fell and broke a leg, so I’m never short of things to do. It’ll be the middle of next month before she sees the surgeon who will pronounce – or not – if she can start to put any weight on that leg. She has osteoporosis, and a pin holding the bone together – so the key question is how well everything is knitting into one piece. Meanwhile I do the cooking and the shopping and all the other things in between that someone sitting in a chair, getting bored enough to scream, cannot do. After feeding the dogs and putting the veggies in the soup I made this afternoon I got to do washing up for an hour and a half. How was your day?

That marathon was for only a couple of day’s dishes. Housekeeping worked better while she was in the hospital – I used one of everything and rinsed them out every time I needed to use one. Somehow, that’s not working any more.

I do have a bit of writing I intend to get to – inserting a scene in a chapter of the (mostly) completed novel, The Wildcat’s Burden. I’m getting ready to fire another batch of chapters to my editor, so when I received the novel crit from a member of my local writing group and she suggested I need to show Gisel and her doctor have a really good relationship – I searched for somewhere to fit it in. Again, I know what I need to write, it’s just deciding to get at it. Maybe later this evening.

Tomorrow evening, the local highschool has their arts evening and I’m one of the local ‘arty’ people asked to come by and round out the evening. I have to introduce them to the anthology published by our local writers’ group – which has its launch on Sunday. Then I’m going to read a short scene from Arrival, that hasn’t had a launch because I ceded the spot to the anthology. Arrival is now in two contests, so I think I’ll hold off its local promotion until I know how well it’s doing. Confident? Yes, but I haven’t seen the competition.

I’m doing another novel review at the moment, although I had intended to quit writing them. Another Double Dragon Publishing author and I agreed to buy a copy of each others book, review it and paste reviews all over our local sites. He’s in UK and I’m in Canada, so we both expand our customer reach that way. He reported he was halfway through “Arrival” and enjoying it. I haven’t wanted to admit I’m lucky to manage reading two chapters a day of “Exit – Pursued by a Bee” and I’m not going to make the end until a week or so into March.

A couple of reviewers have copies of Arrival that they’ve promised to review – one for this week – but I don’t see it yet. Amazon seems to have taken down the third party review that I posted on Arrival’s page. I’d better get onto the lady that wrote it and ask if she will post it to Amazon. Maybe she’s not a customer.

If the cross-reviewing works out I should look at doing more of it. Need someone in Australia next.


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3 Responses to “Not Writing Today”

  1. joylene Says:

    I’m exhausted just thinking about what you need to do, yet… the weird thing is that’s what my days are like. Realizing that stumped me for a moment. Then it occurred to me that I’m used to this existence. It’s the way my life has been for 30 years or so. Gads, when the boys were young… I still look back and wonder how I managed. Though, I do remember having a similar thought often: when will this get easier!

    The key is to enjoy what you’re doing. And it sounds like you do. Making soup can be like constructing the perfect scene. You add this and that, then take a taste and know without a doubt that you need something more, a little of this or that. It’s really great when you know what that is.

    I’m struggling through my new book. Of late, it seems as if my work has become too introspective. Not exciting, just provoking.

    Hang in there, Chris. Hope Shirley’s mending nicely. Hope you guys find an easier time of it come spring. -33 C in my little corner of the world.

    • kester2 Says:

      Hi Joylene:

      I like your take on making soup and doing washing up. Reminds me about the story of the poem written by a Chinese Zen master —
      Magical Power,
      marvelous action!
      Chopping wood,
      carrying water …

      It probably does us all good to become very zen as we age.


  2. Mike Says:

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