Read an E-Book Week.

As a Read an E-Book Week promotion, Zumaya Publications (who will be publisher of my fantasy, Rast) is giving away free e-books. Go to this link to find them —

Liz has also prepared the promotion for visitors who currently do not have an e-reader device. First you need to download the eReader by clicking the (green & blue) link at the top left of the list. In eReader you will have to select the device you want to read the downloaded pdb file of the book you select.

Since my e-reader (the eBookwise 1150) is not on the list I downloaded the Windows version, which allows you to read on the full screen of the computer or a portion of it.

I had always meant to explore M D (Dom) Benoit’s Jack Meter series – a Sci-Fi detective – and one is there to download. Also the first volume of the Everdark series by Elizabeth Burton is available, of special interest to me because I was a crit partner for the third novel of the series. I expect the rest of the generous helping of freebies are of the same quality, but I’m not familiar with either writers or books.

Read an E-Book Week runs from March 8th to the 14th. I’m pasting some more links below to companies offering free e-books during the promotion.

Lexcycle Sponsors Read an E-Book Week. Set of directions for first-time users of iPhone and iPod Touch.

Twilight Times Books is offering Darrell Bain’s autobiography, Darrell Bain’s World of Books, as a free download during Read an E-Book Week March 8 – 14, 2009. We will be offering an additional free ebook each day.

More information and articles at the links below.


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