Double Dragon Authors do it Again

BOTYA Winner GraphicI Share in an Award.

The authors with Double Dragon Publishing have produced four – so far – anthologies of their short stories. These collections have all won awards or recognitions of excellence. I was privileged to have short stories in Twisted Tales II (Time on Our Hands) and Twisted Tales III (Pure Fear). This last named was recently given an Honorable Mention as a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards.

I certainly cannot claim more credit than any of the other contributors, but I feel that I held up my end – particularly as I don’t consider myself a short story writer. The other authors in Pure Fear are Kim McDougall, Marilyn Peake, John Klawitter, Geoff Nelder, J Richard Jacobs (also Ed.), Ann Dulhanty, Ginny Davis, Biff Mitchell, K L Nappier, Brandon Berntson, and A J Chaboya.

Usually, I cannot satisfy my fictional images with less than 90,000 words, so writing something around 2500 requires an extra effort for me. Although both anthologies I had stories in won recognition – Time on our Hands won the Eppie for anthology last year – I decided not to contribute to the latest edition. My stories worked to a degree, but I feel I’d need to go back to the writing school in order to produce something a cut above, and I’m more at home with novels.

Anyway – congratulations to us – especially the other authors represented.


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