I’m not the only Contrarian

I thought you might like to read parts of an e-mail I received a week ago to show I’m not only just one of many contrarians, I’m one of the sober ones. I’m not trying to sell you anything.

Part of the opening says –
* IS YOUR CHOLESTEROL HIGH ENOUGH to avoid heart attacks and strokes?
* ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH SUN to prevent the world’s most dreaded cancers?
* ARE YOU EXERCISING SO HARD that it’s hardening your arteries?
* ARE YOU EATING ENOUGH SALT to prevent high blood pressure?
* ARE YOU EATING ENOUGH EGGS & BACON to ward off macular degeneration?
* GOT ARTHRITIS? GUESS WHAT! This animal fat reverses the damage in 24 hours!

The e-mail came to me from the same outfit that sends me investment tips as well as a daily newsletter on their reading of the actual state of the economy vs the Government’s slant. They are card-carrying contrarians – and no, I don’t invest with them, I just like to read their viewpoints. The author of the medical contrarianism is listed as William Campbell Douglass II, MD. billed as medicine’s most acclaimed myth-buster.

Let’s take a moment to comment on the claims above.
1. My Naturopathic doctor (the one whose advice I take before I go to an MD) says that the cholesterol hoopla is grossly overstated. Cholesterol is supposed to be flowing through our veins and arteries because it’s the substance the body uses to repair injuries and leaks in the vessels. If you have a lot of blood vessels patched up with cholesterol the damage was there first and caused by something other than the cholesterol – good or bad. Secondly, your body normally produces cholesterol for protein creation and in order to have enough of this repair substance available.

2. I know this is anecdotal evidence, but I used to wear nothing but swimming trunks and sandals when I worked for over four years in North Africa, in the hottest sun you might find anywhere. I subsequently wondered if I had set myself up for skin cancer – I had also been an avid sunbather in my younger years in England (not the same degree of sun exposure, I admit). However, I’ve never had a trace of it – so perhaps our Dr Douglass is right when he suggests we need to use our natural defences to make the most of them.
By the way – ever notice that if you tell a medical doctor about some alternative medicine that worked for you your testimony is mere anecdotal evidence? If you told an equally subjective tale as evidence in a court of law it could be sufficient to hang someone.

Let’s skip to 4. My Naturopath tells me not to reduce my salt intake below the moderate usage I have always had. The body needs the sodium salts to maintain the inner environment in the same briny state as the oceans where our cells evolved. Internally, we never left the ocean.
I think that’s enough to suggest that these claims are not too extravagant or unsubstantiated. This contrarian advice is as solid a description of reality as the opposite views of the medical profession, whose members are terrified to consider anything outside the gospel preached by the pharmaceutical industry and the medical associations lest they lose their licenses.

Dr Douglass is not as timid: –

“ No, you’re being way too patient! But we’re going to get the last laugh on those jokers…

Because all the ‘facts’ they’re flinging at you are just MASS MEDIA MEDICINE!

Mass Media Medicine is to REAL medicine as McDonald’s is to REAL food…

It was never intended to make you healthy…

It’s intended to make billions of dollars for giant corporations…

And the only science behind it is marketing science!

It’s all about selling us ‘health’ goods & services WHETHER OR NOT WE NEED THEM…

Scaring us into buying drugs to prevent diseases (like ‘high cholesterol’) that don’t exist…

Bullying us into buying high-markup, high-carbohydrate, meatless mush…

Hounding us to buy instruments of torture in the name of exercise…

And when all this stuff finally does make you sick, they reply that you need even more “ …

Now there’s a real Contrarian who’s not afraid to pull the chain of his opposition. He goes on:–

“ And you’re going to love what 40 years of clinical studies really tell you to do! As you’ll see on the pages ahead, from now on you have DOCTOR’S ORDERS to…

* Chow down on juicy T-bones and 3-egg omelets prepared with real butter…
* Trade in that water bottle for a case of ice-cold beer…
* Drink all the coffee you want, laced with heavy cream if you like…
* Take naps instead of running laps…
* And tell the cholesterol cops they’ll have to terrify someone else…

Now you’re talking my language…

Never, ever do anything just because someone swears it’s healthy!
Make them prove it and guarantee it – like I’m going to do right now. “

Like the advice? You might want to take a look at his website http://www.douglassreport.com/   Personally I feel my present healthcare is doing what I need, but I’m always willing to look at opinion that may contradict, or perhaps go beyond the views I accept – as some of William’s does.

The words I like best are where he agrees that his reader should be skeptical. Trouble is, if his advice or the conventional MD’s does harm you may not have the ability to reverse it. In my opinion it’s the reason for learning how to live with a contrarian stance early and do as the Buddha advised, “Test everything”.


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One Response to “I’m not the only Contrarian”

  1. joylene Says:

    I says to my mother-in-law just yesterday, “Grandma, salt isn’t good for you.” She loves it on everything. She looks at me and smiles. She’s 93.

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