Blog Jog Day

Thank you for stopping by my Blog. Please explore all this Blog has to offer, then jog on over to If you would like to visit a different Blog in the jog, go to

On this site I’m blogging about my published novels (see Pages at the right sidebar linking to sample chapters and reviews) as well as various discussions of interest to writers, readers and others. I’m particularly interested in having visitors check out the chapter and review of my latest release “The Wildcat’s Burden”. If you would like to leave a comment on either the review (archived under March), the blurb under “About The Wildcat’s Burden”, or the sample first chapter below, I will conduct a draw for a free e-book copy. (Better leave a link where I can find you and your preferred format in the comment.)

I am currently blogging about a novel I wrote a number of years ago that was based on an attempt to buy a refinery from a major oil company. I was secretary-treasurer of the workers’ company and am giving an account of what happened to the refinery bid and to the novel under the headings Nothing Venture. Neither achieved success, but I think there are many things in the posts that will be of interest to writers as well as activists. Some good cautions as well as pointers by the time I finish. Nothing Venture 1 through 3 are below and 4 will be posted soon (by post 5 or 6 I should be finished with the background and starting what I learned from writing the novel.).

Best wishes to all……………Chris H


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7 Responses to “Blog Jog Day”

  1. joylene Says:

    Hi Chris. Stopped by and now I’m off to check out writers in the sky.

  2. Yvonne Perry Says:

    Thanks for linking to me on the blog jog. Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. neljo mullins Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Thank you for the chance to explore some great blogs…

    dsublady at aol dot com 😆

  4. rxena77 Says:

    I wish you high sales for your new book. Come check out my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, Roland

  5. joylene Says:

    Hi Chris. It took me all night to reach you finally. I hope Blog Jog Day was a big success and you sell thousands of books. Hey, might as well aim high. Best.

    • kester2 Says:

      Mine peaked at 43, which isn’t a lot, but if a significant number keep visiting it’ll be worth it. How did yours work out?


  6. Elva Anson Says:

    It’s Monday and I am still jogging. I don’t think I will get through the whole list. How are you doing? Have you been to my blog: It is still down the list. I wish you the best in the sale of your books.

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