Character Interview – Jady from my fantasy “Rast”

Since I need a need a new  tack for this blog, and I’m busy with my editor preparing “Rast” for release by MuseItUp Publishing in March 2011, I thought it was time to interview some characters from my fiction. It also serves as a way to show those of you, who’ve offered my writing  encouragement after reading the sorry tale of  “Nothing Venture” and the true story behind it, that I did persevere beyond those disappointments.

Before I start I should mention a few things about Rast. To my mind it stands out from other fantasy in a couple of ways. Firstly it deals with a conflict, setting a simple folk dependent on magic to order their world against a materialist invader – a disbeliever in magic, bent on imperial conquest. Moreover, it takes the side of the invaded party. When I mention that this was mostly written in 2001 – 2003 and the imperialist invaders are treated with a strong satyrical bent, you may get a sense of the author’s voice behind the story.

Secondly, the magic in Rast is not a jolly party trick, an easy crutch that might embolden some weaker soul to challenge the darker forces. Magic is one of the darker forces; or at least it can be if it’s not kept under control by the Drogar, the sorcerer king of Rast. It is also fatal to its wielder, building up harm against him like the over-dosages of radiation that killed the early experimenters into radioactivity.

So, on with the interview.

TWV: Welcome to The Wildcat’s Victory, Jady. Would you care first to tell us a little about yourself?

“Yes. I am Jady, of the family Soule,  the lineage of the Guardians of the Silent Forest. People call me the Soulingas, which means ‘the people of Soule’ which, in a way, I have been ever since my father and brothers were killed by Krachins in the forest. If I have no sons, the line of the Guardians will come to an end.”

TWV: The position of the Guardians sounds rather dangerous, particularly for one so young as I sense you are.

“It can be. The Krachins are simple creatures, but fully four parts human. They are too weak to resist magic influences that can turn them from their slow animal natures into mobs of savage beasts.”

TWV: To which the fate of your family can attest. Is that the duty of the Guardians … to keep the Krachins in check?

“To keep them from spreading their nests into the lands of Rast, yes, but that is not the most perilous duty.”

TWV: There’s more?

“Near the southern edge of the Silent Forest, up against the flanks of the mountains, lies a hidden valley wherein lie the magic Deepning Pools. No one knows what gave life to the strange fluids that lie in the hollows of the valley, but when the magic influences become powerful these living substances can organise and work to increase their fell powers. The best known of the threats are from the Siren Spells that fly out from the surface to look for conscious life and sting it into a trance. The possessed creatures will then brave any danger to reach the Pools and submerge themselves within its substance.”

TWV: Sounds horrible. What happens then?

“Excuse me, (shudders) but I’d rather not think about what happens when one is absorbed into the magic creature. One of my duties is to visit the Pools on the sacrificial nights to prevent the Krachins from offering themselves in sacrifice to form an alliance against the people of Rast.”

TWV: You have to go to these Pools?

“Yes. I must use my bow to prevent the living sacrifice from submerging into the Pool.”

TWV: That sounds frightening. Do you have any weapons or magic charms to help you in this duty?

“I have one family heirloom, the Gossamer Veil, that I can wrap about me to prevent the Spells from touching my bare skin. It’s origin is lost in the distant sands of time. Then my crystal tipped arrows have been enchanted by the Drogar so that they fly true to the target I aim at.”

TWV: That’s it? Nothing else?

“My pride, my sense of duty. Should there be more?

TWV: I suppose not, but clearly you are a heroine from a world far different than ours…
I hear a summons in the distance …
Yes. It must have been for Jady – she’s gone. I’ll try to get her or someone else from Rast to come and tell us more. Next time.


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