Character Interview — Gisel Matah

For the next character interview I’ve managed to have Major Gisel Matah, the protagonist of my Iskander series novels pay a visit.

TWV: Welcome to The Wildcat’s Victory, Gisel. Appropriate to interview you here, since it’s about your victory.

“Yes, perhaps. But I have to tell you that I don’t do interviews. Most of my career is recorded in confidential reports in Iskander’s database. I may well be involved in covert operations again in the future, so the less my enemies can learn, the better. Those pieces of information you have included in your writing must have been leaked to you.”

TWV: Ahem. I see. I must point out that I have them on very good authority.

“I suppose Dirk Scopes may have leaked them. It’s just the sort of PR coup he likes to pull.”

TWV: You’ve never got on well with President Scopes, the head of Iskander’s Administrative Council.

“If you say so.”

TWV: I believe it’s well recorded. He seems to think you are engaged in a series of covert activities outside of your official capacity. You have been assiduous  in cultivating support among Iskander’s rank and file, as well as other peasants and workers. Do you see Iskander abandoning his policies of maintaining friendships with the monarchs and aristocracies of Gaia’s nations in favour of popular democracy?

“No comment.”

TWV: Many people suggest you will become a contestant for the President’s position in the next Iskander elections.

“Ha! That’s rich. When the Iskander journey started I was put down as ‘the Matah brat” who was only aboard because my father wangled it with the planners of the N-3 colony.”

TWV: You were very young – the youngest aboard. It was your wits that got you to your present position. Your wits may well take you further – you’ll still be young when all the present Iskander leaders of the arrival are retired or infirm. President isn’t out of the question.

“I’m a junior member of the Council today only in acknowledgment of my responsibilities as Skrona’s governor. When Skrona reverts to the Tarnlish crown … I’ll be moved to an entirely different field of responsibility.”

TWV: But you’ll still be Iskander’s representative in the Felger-Iskander Partnership – along with your husband.

“That’s not certain. He is being groomed to take over as head of the Felger Mercantile Corporation – the Baron is in poor health. If that happens, the Iskander Council will very likely opt for a new Partnership administration. It’s more about money and trade now, and not the revolutionary enterprise that it was in the beginning.”

TWV: And not as interesting for you.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

TWV: Let’s face it, Gisel. You are a classic stormcrow – you are your best when confronted by difficulties and dangers. I visualize you in Colonel M’Tov’s job in a few years – singlehandedly working Iskander’s covert operations to overthrow the Trigon Empire.

“(Laughs) If only the Iskander Council would give me a free hand! But it’ll never happen. Dirk Scopes would never trust me with the power M’Tov has. Let alone what it would take to even scratch the Empire. ”

TWV: But it wouldn’t be a bad fit with your own secret plans, would it?

“No comment. No bloody comment. If you’re going to lead the interview into international minefields I’m leaving.”

TWV: Don’t go. I’ll change the topic. You can play back the whole interview and delete what you don’t want made public.

“Change the topic to what?”

TWV: (Phew, that was close.) How about telling us a bit about your Iskander compatriots? The readers have met a lot of them, but sometimes they wonder what experience they had before the Iskander was stranded at Gaia. Some details about the Gaians that hasn’t come out in the stories would be good, too.

“You want secrets, I suppose. I’m not going to tell anything juicy about my colleagues.”

TWV: Well … there’s always the backgrounds to your relationships –

“Like Hell! You want to hear about my love affairs? Dream on.”

TWV: Whoops, she really did leave this time. I’ll see if I can calm her down and get her back for some backroom gossip about Iskander. Any readers have anybody they’d like to get the goods on?


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2 Responses to “Character Interview — Gisel Matah”

  1. joylene Says:

    LOL. My goodness, isn’t she feisty. Of course she is!

    Nice interview, you two. But if you want to learn anything about Gisel, you should read her books. In Gisel’s case actions speak louder than words.

  2. kester2 Says:

    Hi Joylene — yes, I was surprised at her responses myself. Clearly, she’s not a person for an interviewer to attempt to lead. I didn’t get any of the material I expected.

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