I Can’t Stop It.

I’ve had a couple of posts about Mindstream, the last novel I completed and the one I should be paying attention to if I want it published where it would be most noticed. I should also be beginning the promotion for Rast, that will be released in five months or less. I have another novel, Masquerade, being polished with my friends in the local writers’ group, so the rewriting and the critiquing of other members’ chapters should be another place to focus.

Instead, I’ve started something new. Another Iskander story – this time a novella, short enough to give away as a promotional gimmick. The Iskander stories need something to make them more widely known, and I figure I know of enough inline writers’ and readers’ sites where I can offer it as a freebie. I have a feeling that my intended title, “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” should draw the necessary interest.

I didn’t think of the story until recently. The idea came from an academic paper a friend sent me, about the origin of the Sierra Leone colony in Africa. She is currently revising it as one of her publications on her way to a PhD in military history. I don’t think I’m using anything that isn’t already known history – about the origin of the colony as a place to settle released slaves, and about the way the British army found they needed African units in the West African climate. I’ll have her read it to check, if she has the time.

My story takes place on the western side of the ocean, not the eastern, when the frigate where Gisel is marine officer stops a ship on the high seas. The commanders wish they could let the ship go, because its presence disrupts some of their plans – but Gisel has the bit between her teeth. These poor slaves have to be freed and found a safe refuge. She’s senior officer placed on the captive ship, with strict orders not to do anything without the squadron commander’s explicit approval, but radio communications are sketchy at times – and let’s face it, this is Gisel. She’s certain to twist the situation to fit the solution she thinks is required.

Every time I think I should take a break from writing, look at other things and spend more time on promotion and networking – another story comes along. It seems that I have something missing in my life if I haven’t a story to tease into shape. I can’t stop.


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2 Responses to “I Can’t Stop It.”

  1. joylene Says:

    What a great idea. A promotion gimmick. Excellent. And the subject matter matters. Good for you for thinking of this, Chris. And I’m excited for you. I know how invigorating it is to have a story brewing.

  2. kester2 Says:

    I should have work started on a new website this week — now I’ve recovered my domain name. I plan on posting to all the groups I can find giving the link to the website where they can download the freebie. The only thing they have to give is their name and e-mail — so I can send follow-up notice when something new is released.

    Does that seem reasonable?


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