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I must say you readers are a very understanding lot – I haven’t posted an update here since BlogJog day and I’m still seeing almost as many visitors. Not sure why I haven’t posted for a month – maybe it’s best not to say anything when you’ve nothing to say.

I have an announcement today – my new website is being started. I regained my old domain name that had been stolen, so now I can be myself again. I’d give you the link today, but we’re still going to and fro and changing things, because Bertha downloaded the stuff from my freewebs temporary website and a lot of the material isn’t wanted now. By the end of the week I’m sure we’ll have it ready – complete with the free novella from my Iskander series that you can have for the courtesy of leaving your e-mail address, so I can let you know about other releases.

“Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” is a tale about her on Gaia that fits between Arrival and Deadly Enterprise when she’s nineteen and an experienced lieutenant in Iskander’s Security Service. The background for the story came from a friend’s currently unpublished academic paper. The paper is on the beginning of Sierra Leone as a British colony – still the free nation of Sierra Leone today. The British colony started as a port and settlement to return freed slaves back to Africa, and Dawn’s account of the development reveals how many problems that good deed ran into along the way. Gisel, of course, experiences many of the same problems on Gaia.

What else is new? I seem to have a trojan on my computer, as someone is sending spam from my e-mail address. I ran into problems sending out the December issue of the newsletter I edit for Search and Rescue Alberta. When the webmaster of the mail server looked into it with me, he found the evidence in some bounce messages I received from e-mails I’d never sent. So, when Bertha has finished the website I’ll be taking the computer over to have her give it a necessary overhaul.

That’s about it – will let you know when the website is ready.


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