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My Virtual Book Tour April 4th to 29th

March 25, 2011

Chat and Virtual Book Tour

From March 30th to the end of April I will be busy promoting “Rast” and my other writing. I’d really love to have you join me for some of this. The link to my schedule for the VBT is below —

I will be using my old Trailowner blog as the main notice board for the Virtual Book Tour. The tour will feature interviews; reviews; guest blogs; and spotlights, mostly about “Rast” although a couple of sites ask about my other writing. I will be giving away copies of “Rast” and if there are many winners I will also be sending them my Iskander series freebie “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship”.

In addition to the VBT, on March 30th I’m participating in an all day chat with three other Muse authors. There will be giveaways during the chat for answering questions – two authors are offering freebies. To participate in the chat one would have to sign up about three days ahead, which would make you a member of Coffee Time Romance (free) and able to participate in their regular author and publisher chats and giveaways. CTR isn’t only for romance as it includes most genres (and it has two ‘streams’ – the other being the erotic romance.) Actually I think our chat at the Coffee Lobby is on the erotic side of the house – Marsha, who’s an erotic author, set up the chat. The link to sign up is


My fantasy novel Rast

March 10, 2011

Rast was released at the beginning of March and I’m already deep in promotions things. I’ve signed on for a Virtual Book Tour in April and will be posting information about the tour and giveaways here as well as on the other blog

You can learn more about Rast on my website and on the publisher’s site –

On the Iskander series I must remind everyone that the novella freebie “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” is still a free download from my website. I wrote the adventure as an intro to Gisel and her trials and tribulations as security officer for her people on the 17th century alternate Earth called Gaia.

“Masquerade” is slowly progressing through a final polish with my local novel writers’ group; one chapter a month. I think I’m looking at a 2012 release for it, but don’t want to hurry my friends, it’s a good test for their critiquing skills. Perhaps I’ll post a bit of it here later this year. It is my Iskander series take on a man-in-an-iron-mask scenario  – Gisel and her friends know who he is but not where he is. She goes through a series of perilous operational adventures to thwart the Empire’s plans for him – and Zagdorf’s machinations.

I’ll not leave this as long without a new post as I’ve just done – I think I’m caught up on the to do list and will have more info about promotion plans to let you know.