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Rast’s VBT is into its second week.

April 14, 2011

I’m inviting everyone to visit some of the tour sites during the VBT for my new high fantasy novel. The schedule is posted at the end of my VBT page on the tour site. The link is here in the blurb my tour director has posted

“CONTEST! Christopher Hoare is giving away two e-Copies of Rast during his virtual book tour. You can find his entire tour schedule at Leave a comment (including your email address) at any of his blog stops during the tour. He will select two winners from all comments received. The more blogs you visit and comment at, the greater your chances of winning a copy of the book.”

For anyone interested in seeing how book promotion works in the digital age, this tour is a good introduction. Answering the different interview questionnaires and writing a number of guest blogs can be quite a writer’s marathon. It’s one reason I’m not posting as much on my blogs now. Admit it – I’m almost written out. After awhile it’s hard to cover the same terrain with a fresh approach each time. When I got to the last guest blog request I gave up and said, “the only thing I can come up with is a bit of satire” so that’s what went. Of course, I didn’t even have a bit of satire in mind, but I started with the most unlikely approach and it worked itself out. It appears on Monday April 25th at – luckily satire is popular with most people.

For those interested in commenting on one of the blogs to get a copy of Rast I might mention that there are fewer new visitors commenting that I hoped – so you have an excellent chance of winning one.

I’d also like to remind Canadian visitors that my tour coincides with a federal election. I booked April first, so those guys are just trespassing. But joking aside, the last few years have seen a sad decline in our political landscape. More and more people, especially young people, are not voting. I’m appalled at the number of people who confess to no interest or to not understanding what the issues are. When young people in the Arab world are standing up to hooligan mobs as well as government murder squads to win the rights to vote the comparison with our weak kneed ignoramuses are an indictment on our self-satisfied sloth. Our national broadcaster has a “Vote Compass” on its site – a poll people can take that shows their opinions and preferences relative to the major political parties in the election. There is no excuse for saying they don’t understand the issues.

So — May 2nd is election day in Canada. Get out and vote.