Slight detour

I’m having to delay the next installment of Regency Bagatelle because of a computer crash. I had saved most things to thumb drives, but not the continuation of RB. I’m waiting to find out if it’s recoverable or whether I get to rewrite the next two or three posts I had ready.
On a brighter note, the edit in progress for my next Iskander novel, Masquerade, was saved because I had transferred it to a thumb drive so my wife could start proofreading on the old Linux laptop. Shirl does all my proofreading and final read—she used to work for the legislative counsel’s department of our Alberta legislature…doing proofreading.
I’ll try to post something new here soon, but hopefully will have my own setup back online by then.


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One Response to “Slight detour”

  1. joylene Says:

    Sorry to hear this, Chris. Thank goodness you save the ms.

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