Back to Regency Bagatelle:

I have my own computer up and running again. It has a different hard drive but luckily all of the files on the old one were still accessible—it just couldn’t boot up. So, here is the continuation from the June 22nd post:–

Mr Author managed to edge Gisel out of the answer. “In our experience it’s held that everyone in the nation has some legitimate interest in the government of the land they live in. That makes it desirable to hear their voices; although the democracy of universal franchise has been described by a great statesman as the worst possible system of government—save all of the others.”

“One of the alternatives is an absolute despot,” Gisel cut in. “A Napoleon.”

Mr Darcy’s face darkened. “In some countries, perhaps, but never in England.”

“An enlightened electoral interest, like England’s of today, can serve all people well,” Mr Author soothed. “But a progression to a wider franchise can also benefit good government—if carried out slowly and with care.”

Georgina Darcy glanced at her brother’s face, losing its expression of good humour. “Oh, do not upset yourself, please, Brother. I’m sure our guests are not advocating a revolution.”

“Of course. Please excuse my consternation, but we have had enough of political troubles ever since the sans culottes of France began murdering their betters. Even today, although a Bourbon King is restored in Paris, we scarce can see our way out of these continuous wars.”

“The war with the Americans?” Gisel nodded. “My sources say it is almost over—the negotiations at Ghent are proceeding to a successful conclusion.”

“Indeed. That would be welcome news, if it is indeed the case.” Mr Darcy eyed her narrowly. “You must be well connected with the ‘administration’ of your people, as you refer to them.”

“My father is highly placed, and my brother has access to much of the communication. I have been able to assist with some activities, as well.”

“How exciting,” Georgiana Darcy exclaimed. “Yours sounds like a very political family, Miss Matah.”

“We are described as one, Miss Darcy. But our activities are always aimed at overcoming the difficulties we Iskanders experience with larger states.”

This looked as if the wars Gisel had taken part in were about to be mentioned.  “If I may be excused for butting in,” Mr Author ventured. “I believe we are in danger of transgressing into forbidden topics, Miss Matah. Perhaps we should change the topic…if all are in agreement.”

“Oh, Mr Author,” Georgiana Darcy pouted. “Just when the conversation was becoming exciting. I do love stories of intrigue and mystery.”

“But as my dutiful sister, I must insist you accept our judgement,” Mr Darcy told her. “Such interests are not considered wholesome for single ladies who hope to be introduced into notable families.”

“Yes,” Gisel said to her with a smile. “They may all have secrets to hide.”

All those present looked at her askance, but no further discussion was entered into that topic.



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One Response to “Back to Regency Bagatelle:”

  1. joylene Says:

    What a tease! I want more. More, please. Great characteristics, Chris. I never fail to learn something from you. Thanks.

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