Masquerade for the New Year.

I’m posting this on the 23rd of December so must wish all my blog visitors Happy Holidays and a  Fulfilling New Year. I’m going to start posting progress about the newest Iskander series novel, “Masquerade”, here in the new year. I will also be comparing and contrasting this novel with the other four and perhaps offer some observations that other authors and readers will find interesting.

Before I leave “Regency Bagatelle” completely I will mention again that it was started as an exercise in Regency thinking and style at the end of May, and posts continued until the last on December 6th. I expect to do some work on the ending and the events pointing to the ending to make it more polished and give the novella away on my website, my Muse Publisher’s site, and at other promotion spots. It will tie in with my “Steaming to Romance” Regency Romance/Steampunk crossover series—the first two novellas submitted to Muse yesterday.

I have a free Iskander novella on my website at the moment, called “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship” that shows the increasingly savvy Gisel dealing with obstructions and dangers from both friends and enemies. One of the themes in the series has been to show that shortsighted friends and allies can sometimes be as big a problem as sworn enemies. If I write more novels in the series they will likely be on the themes of hubris and greed as Iskander grows into a rich and powerful society within the 17th century world of Gaia.

I’ll end this post with a brief outline of the published and forthcoming novels in the series. “Arrival” is labelled Book Three but that was the publisher looking at the publication date and not the story chronology. It is the very start of Gisel’s and the Iskanders’ adventures when they landed on Gaia and found they could never get away again. “Masquerade” slots in the following story year with Gisel now seventeen and an officer trainee for security and clandestine operations. The next story in the series has never been more than drafted…it would be called “Iskander’s Wildcat” and cover her activities in General Lord Ricart’s staff, and her with a rifle company holding a key village and crossroads at the centre of the Battle of Borhye.

The free novella “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship’ is the next year in story time and starts the  adventures when Iskander sends its growing maritime forces to the Cosmoneos (the new world) to pick up cargoes of raw rubber and kerosine, and perhaps steal the bullion from the Empire’s annual convoy. Gisel is now nineteen and (after GMSS closes) she goes on to spy on the Empire’s main port for the export of gold and silver from their slave-worked mines.

The first published Iskander story, “Deadly Enterprise”, comes next where she meets the banker’s son Yohan Felger and foils a coup d’etat. It is followed by “The Wildcat’s Victory” when Gisel adds commanding a cavalry screen in war to her repertoire of security and business management. The final Iskander story (for now) “The Wildcat’s Burden” has the married and pregnant Gisel trying to juggle starting a family with an Iskander post as the military governor of the most turbulent city in the world. She’s only twenty-two and the social conflicts as well as marriage and childbirth have her wondering what she should be doing with her life.


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  1. joylene Says:

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year, Chris. Best wishes to Shirley. Hope big big career happen for you in 2012. Thanks for everything.

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