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Masquerade Update

June 6, 2012

I have to admit I have done very little in the way of promotion since Masquerade was released. Not the whole problem, but a significant part, has been the passing of my brother in law and dealing with the situation he has left behind. Another part has been the panicked flight to the US dollar which has made it uneconomic for me to take my publisher’s offer of a deal on some POD copies in Canadian dollars that I might otherwise have been sending out for reviews.

One way or another the economy will settle down again…either in pieces or in some new interesting chaos and we can get back to living our own lives again. When I have the freedom to spend some days on promoting Masquerade around the web I will do so. I see from tonight’s news that the first glimmers of realistic evaluation of the Canadian economy seem to be starting and so the ‘Loonie’ may recover its parity soon and I might gamble on ordering some new inventory at a price that makes it possible to sell them.

If anyone reading this would like to go to and read the blurb for Masquerade it is possible they might find the price of $5.99 for the e-book a worthwhile investment of their time and reading experience. If some friendly writers/reviewers would like to respond via comments we might arrange an equitable co-reviewing arrangement and I can send a free pdf copy.