Late again


I didn’t manage to send the post I planned while on our trip the Manitoba (actually, I cannot find the post I had started) so this is a new one.

The agricultural traction engine was snapped the weekend before we left for Manitoba, when we went to Heritage Acres so I could look at some steampunk things. This was it. We also sat and watched a tractor pull, where a succession of drivers vie for the longest distance they can pull a heavy drag. While it was entertaining so was the discussion from behind us from two farmers as they handicapped the competitors.

“Isn’t that a beautiful tractor?’ was a common comment. I could appreciate their dedication to the machinery even if I don’t find tractors particularly beautiful. But then I do find the big steamer a worthy object of fascination for a steampunker.

I learned something of the technique of driving in a tractor pull from the unofficial commentators behind us. Don’t start off too fast—slow and easy gets you further. Which is true in most things.

On the writing front—no sign of the review copies that were expected in the latter part of September. I had one recruited reviewer emailing today to ask if she had been forgotten. I guess I will have to tactfully ask about the review copies on Monday if they don’t appear sooner. The cover illustration hasn’t arrived on my Tyche page. Things must be busy there.

I will end here. With luck I will have found the article I started by the time i come to post next week.

‘night all.



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