Steam and Strategem Release

Well it looks as if I may manage two blog posts within the space of one month…wonders will never cease.

I am looking to keep my head above water now because the first draft of the sequel to “Steam and Strategem”, which is likely to be published as “Spies and Subterfuge”, has gone to the editor and I have an almost clean slate.

First, I had better add the link to my publisher’s site where you can see the book’s page.  The book will be selling from here toward the end of November but it is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as a print book, on Smaswords as a Pre-Release and on Kobo as a Pre-Order e-book.

I like the cover so well I will put it here to show you..

I am in final preparation mode for the novel launch in Edmonton at the Pure Speculation Festival the weekend of 16-17 November. Since my publisher wanted to promote it as Steampunk I have to appear in Steampunk gear (that I am still working on) and will be in a small part of the program at an author reading. I am also going to be dressed up in the Steampunk Ball on the Saturday looking very authorly when they give away copies of my book for door prizes. (Maybe I will win one.) I expect I will get a picture sometime to document how daft I look. My ID is Captain Benchmark, the discoverer of Edmonton and the mapper of the source of Whitemud Creek.     

I will undertake to post to this blog again quite soon to tell readers how I get on in Darkest Edmonton.


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One Response to “Steam and Strategem Release”

  1. Joylene Butler (@cluculzwriter) Says:

    Hooray for you, Chris.

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