Roberta’s Journey through London.


In chapter ten of “Steam and Strategem” Roberta rides through London in a Hansom Cab with Lord Bond. The trip takes them from the Bricklayers’ Arms railway terminus on the Old Kent Road to the Admiralty in Whitehall. I doubt many residents of today’s London are familiar with the Bricklayers’ Arms Station because it has been a goods terminus for about a hundred years—ever since the passenger termini were shifted to Cannon Street and Charing Cross on the North side of the Thames where they had better connection to all the other railway termini.


Here is a Canaletto painting of the Thames with St Pauls dominating the skyline Roberta would see.


Once in Eastcheap Roberta sees some of the typical street scenes of the seamy side of Regency London.


They travel via Cannon Street, St Paul’s Churchyard, to Ludgate Hill—I didn’t include a pic of St Pauls because there are so many modern ones. I decided to show Temple Bar because it was demolished in its original site going into Fleet Street, but has been rebuilt in a new site this century. This is the original site.


Their destination is the Admiralty, and here is the front view with Robert Adam’s screen showing off its formal entry.


The trip through London would be incomplete without showing St James Square where Roberta stayed in the rooms her father reserves for business trips to London. I picked Number Six St James as the actual house, purely because I found some pictures of the inside that let me use an actual setting. I will show those some other time.



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