Gisel Matah is Back!

I will interrupt the posts for “Steam and Stratagem” for long enough to tell you what has happened to my Iskander series. It had been growing to a five novel series since 2008 but sales had never been good with the e-book publisher who had it.

The last straw was the comparison between their sales and those of my little novella “Visiting Pemberly” on the distributor site XinXii in Europe―it was outselling all five and had never been planned as a major attraction. I began writing it as a test piece when I decided to write the Regency Romance/ Steampunk that became “Steam and Stratagem”. When the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” neared, I decided to complete it as a novella in celebration.

So the Iskander novels and Vis-Pem can be found here As I write this I have one more of the novels to post, but it is “Deadly Enterprise”, which was the first published and needs some editing to remove scenes and text that never came to light as well as a horrible slew of info dump as I tried to squeeze all the backstory into gaps in the action. The big attraction now are the new covers I commissioned to get away from some of the disasters with doll-like figures in the original ones. Here is one:—


I have also been able to get the cover blurb to identify the order in which the stories should be read.

I think I had better insert some of the “Steam and Stratagem” news in the spaces between the Iskander covers. The editing of “Spies and Subterfuge” is nearly complete and it will hopefully be released this year.


Masquerade didn’t get a lot of editing, except I rewrote the final scene dialogue which I had never been able to get right before.

“Spies and Subterfuge” grew like Topsy and had to be turned into two novels. I have a lot of new material to add to S&S 3 when I get back to writing it. The novel has the working title “Scandal and Secrets” at the moment.

Deadly Enterprise

DE may not be available anywhere yet but the cover image is too striking not to add. The distributor has sent the new e-book Iskanders out to many other outlets besides its own website. I have asked them for a list so I can tell readers where else they may find the novels. I know they are on all the different Amazon country sites.

The Wildcat’s Victory

I should also mention I have reduced the price of my novels on XinXii. The Iskander novels are listed at $3.91and Vis-Pem is $2.99. Prices seem to drift about on the site, they tell be there is a bug in the software they cannot find, so I usually wait a few days after the upload to check and have it corrected.

The Wildcat’s Burden

Is currently the final book in the series, but I may work on another one day. I provided an afterword where I highlighted some of the stories of characters in preceding novels―as well as Yohan receiving a knighthood from Wasbia, which makes Gisel Lady Felger. She jokes that Yohan has made a lady of her at last.


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