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Update on the website.

October 31, 2014

After missing my computer-lady’s slot for my website update I have had to wait through her busy season to have all my new writing details added. They are now active. I will give an idea of the changes here, but you could as easily go to to see them.

The background is very similar to the original site, and there are only two new books shown in the home page…but they are my new “Roberta Stephenson Trilogy” releases from Tyche Books. They have links to Tyche, but as I write this the release of the second novel “Spies and Subterfuge” is a month or so away.

What else is new? Well I have new publishers listed. Having given the original e-book publishers of the Iskander series novels and the fantasy “Rast” the old heave-ho I am published by Tyche and Autarkikal. The crunch came when I realised the little test piece novella at XinXii, “Visiting Pemberly” had outsold all six of the novels from the ebook publishers. So now the Iskander novels are sold as ebooks on XinXii as well and will be joined by Rast when it is ready. The link is I hired an artist to produce new covers for the Iskanders as the originals were the property of the publisher. The first quarter’s royalties are much improved, even though I reduced the sale price to $3.99.  I should also mention that XinXii also distributes through Amazon, B&N and a number of other sites, so you can also find the ebooks there.

I still have some of the older print copies left and tell readers how to get them from me on the website. I have no plans for new Print on Demand copies unless anxious readers start banging down my door, LOL. Autarkikal is my imprint; it was needed when I applied for ISBNs and submitted copies to Digital Legal Deposit, the ‘record’ of the books accepted.

Rast” will join the other books on XinXii by the end of the year, depending on the length of time taken to decide on a new cover image. I want to change the title a little because Googling Rast turns up all kinds of people whose company I would eschew. At the moment I am expecting to rename it “The Peril of Rast”.

That’s about it. I am to have access to the code on this new site which will give me the ability to do much of the updating. We will see how that goes…I was planning on getting away from software issues as I gave up coding when I retired from my survey contracting. This new site is supposed to be friendly, so if I have the patience to write a WordPress blog I should be able to manage the updates to the website.

All the best for Halloween and then Christmas and the New Year. (I should keep that up…I’m almost into Spring already.)