The Next Iskander Novel to be Released

Only three months to the release of “Arrival”, the prequel to the two published Iskander stories. The action takes place in Gaian year 2443 ( The Wildcat’s Victory is 2448 ) when the Iskander arrives at Gaia and the people aboard find they are stranded, probably forever.

Gisel is still the protagonist — a sixteen year old brat who tends the gymnasium aboard Iskander and acts as personal trainer for many of the passengers and crew. As an ex-gymnast who had won medals (most notably at the age of 12) and an Olympic standard fencer in her teens, she is well on the way to becoming the deadly warrior of the Iskander stories.

The action soon revolves around her, despite the efforts of her father (yes, you get to meet him, too) to shield her. As head of the Engineering department, he wangled her the training job to get her on the trip. Actually he’s not the best of fathers, being more preoccupied with his dream of starting his own Industrial Revolution on an unspoiled world than with parenting.

And a sibling of Gisel’s plays a bigger part here — her brother Robert, whose only interest is in esoteric forms of mathematics and is aboard the Iskander to assist in creating computer models for the various departments. This whole team of scientists, technologists, and engineers was sent with the original task of establishing the technological infrastructure on the colony world N-3. Poor folks on N-3 are never going to see this tech team, but luckily the Space Command sends its teams out in pairs, so the other startship presumably arrives there and has to work without the Iskanders’ backup.

I’ll post a bit more as we get closer to release date.


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