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One More Day

March 30, 2008

The draw for a free copy is near. Your last chance this weekend to log on to one of the blog stops and make a comment. I’ll post the whole tour below —

Mar 3 (guest post)
Mar 4  (podcast)
Mar 5 (spotlight)
Mar 6  (interview)
Mar 7 (interview)
Mar 10 (spotlight)
Mar 11 (review)
Mar 12 (interview)
Mar 13 (guest post)
Mar 14 (interview)
Mar 17 and
Mar 18 (interview)
Mar 19 (spotlight)
Mar 20  (spotlight)
Mar 21  (character interview)
Mar 24 (character interview)
Mar 25 (review)
Mar 26 (podcast)
Mar 27 (review)
Mar 28
Mar 31 – GIVEAWAY – free copy of “The Wildcat’s Victory” to one person who comments during your VBT

It has been an interesting month, that gave me the opportunity to visit lots of blogs and meet the people there. I haven’t started to put down my summary of the Virtual Book Tour as yet. In fact there are a couple of sites still to visit because the paper copies of the books were late and so only one of the four reviews made deadline. I will post announcements on this blog as the reviews become available

Just shifting gears . . . and planning an ongoing program now the tour is coming to an end. Just watch for the winner announcement on Monday.


Count-down to Tour D-2

March 1, 2008

The Virtual Book Tour starts Monday and the first week visits are posted below.

Mar 3 (interview)
Mar 4 (podcast)
Mar 5 (spotlight)
Mar 6 (interview)
Mar 7 (interview)

The podcast will be something entirely new for me. I have to be up at 5:00 to make sure I’m awake enough at 5:30 MST for the online talk radio start at 7:30 EST. If I sound drunk or doped it’s because I had to give up coffee and a glass of water might not hit the right spot. Maybe a mug of green tea — I am allowed that.

I will visit the sites where I have things going at intervals during the days. Monday 3rd might get fewer visits because it’s also election day here and I will be scrutineering at our local polling station.

A side note:-

Fictionwise has e-books on special for the Leap Year weekend. Both my Iskander series e-books Deadly Enterprise and The Wildcat’s Victory are on sale for $4.25 this weekend.