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I Promised you the Book Tour

April 23, 2008

Well, actually, I promised to write a retrospective of the Virtual Book Tour as a service to other writers, but it seems to me that the tour’s aimed to attract the notice of readers. Does it do this, and how can one tell?

I already posted a short commentary on the topic at the beginning of April as part of the post “And the Winner Is”. That was about the dearth of comments to the posted articles, interviews,  and reviews. It seems to me that this can be taken as an indication of the attention the tour has gained from browsers who don’t necessarily have their own blogs – maybe readers rather than writers with their own promotions. I did check in to other writers’ visits who were also touring that month, but only I and a writer of a historical novel exchanged comments.

I posted announcements about the tour on several writing sites I belong to, but as far as I know the announcements garnered little response. I would have thought some other writers would have dropped by to add support but the only ones who did knew me from other online activities. Not the book tour, I know, but if I’m going to give a thumbs down to promotion on anything here it would have to be online writing groups.

The plus was definitely coming into contact with up to twenty other breathing humans who toil away on the Internet producing copy and commentary. I would never have crossed paths with any of these people if it hadn’t been for the Blog Tour. Now – I think it’s essential that I don’t just leave things at that point. I haven’t gone back to many of them, but that’s just a function of my bear-like denning personality – I must make it a point to visit them and leave a comment or two when I’m not using their blogs for my promotion. (Good point, Chris. Make sure you do it.)

I did two blog talk radio interviews and enjoyed talking with the hosts. I felt really dubious about doing these beforehand. If there is one thing I really detest its “personalities” pontificating to some host on the radio. Why should I care about someone meeting with Salvador Dali while researching a book in Tuscany? I don’t give two hoots about someone’s novel that grew out of ten years as a rag picker in Togo. (I’m making these up, by the way.) But I think my own recorded droning is less a trumpeting of supposed superiority than a sharing of the bunk and junk of getting some novels published. The recordings are still clickable on the sites, and the links are listed on this blog under book tour.

I’d like to thank Cheryl and Dorothy at “Pump Up Your Book Promotion” for their organizing, hosting and guiding. Cheryl was there just about every day checking if the blogs were up or finding out why if they were not. (With a number of participants who also had lives to intrude sometimes posts were delayed.) Dorothy was a great help getting this blog site up and running. I did think she intended to do a couple more things (eg. no banner ever arrived here) but she was involved in moving that month and so was unable to spend more time with me. This blog is a lot more useful than my two other (now neglected) ones.

The interviews were varied in focus and specifics in many places. They were sent and completed the month before the tour started, but were good at making me focus on some things in my writing life I had been doing, as well as some I’d be better off not. These were among the blog posts that were often least commented on (like none). I think one has to be dreaming if one expects a guest blog or an interview is going to send a new reader scuttling to the bottom of the post to send fan mail. The fact is – book tour or no – nobody is going to hang out on a blog to look for a new author to read. The tour is part of a process that must include satisfying the needs of others. So I have to say that the virtual book tour is not the beginning and the end of promotion, it’s a step along the way.

Now I’ve appeared on the sites, I must go back to visit every so often. If I want to be noticed on blog sites when I’m promoting a novel again, I’d better make sure that I’m better known there. If you think you might want to do a virtual tour – better start planning early enough to ensure you don’t arrive as a stranger. As for the tour paying off in sales – I will probably never know, but if my royalties next cheque are more than last I’ll probably attribute some of the return to the Book Tour.


The Virtual Book Tour – Week Two — again

March 11, 2008

Correction to this week’s schedule:-

The interview with Share Your Heroine had to be shifted to March 24th to accommodate one of the other author tour schedules, and the Dark Phantom Reviews spotlight replaced it yesterday. Today is a blank day in the tour because my paperback copies of The Wildcat’s Victory did not arrive in time for me to send out the review copies on schedule. I will post the details when I know the review is done and a new date is set to post it.

Monday – The Dark Phantom Reviews
Mar 10 (spotlight on me and The                     Wildcat’s Victory)

Tuesday – was to be a review of the novel but the copies arrived too late
Mar 11     (The review will appear in April)

Wednesday – The Writer’s Life
Mar 12  ( an interview about my writing schedule and how I started writing.)

Thursday –  StoryCrafters
Mar 13 ( has a guest post where I tell a great deal of Gisel’s life before her arrival on Gaia. )

Friday –  Fiction Scribe
Mar 14 ( an interview about writing and where the Iskander series entered my mind.)

Don’t forget that everyone visiting one of the sites and leaving a comment will be entered for the draw for a free paperback copy of The Wildcat’s Victory. Draw on March 31st

The First Week’s stops in a Nutshell.

March 9, 2008

The Virtual Book Tour.

How did the first week go? Some good visits, but less participation by visitors than I had hoped for. However, the links at each of the sites I describe below enable a visitor to catch up to the tour at their own schedule. The length of the addresses make it difficult for all software to turn them all into clickable links, but they can be pasted into your browser to take you directly to the feature.

Monday – The Book Connection
Allowed me to discuss how to and how not to write from your own experience, as well as a novel that never materialized because real life trumped it. The blog received only two comments, and one was mine.

Tuesday – The Blog Radio interview for You Don’t know Jack was much more interesting than I’d expected. I have to accept that having the dynamic of a live interview and interaction between host and guest raises it above the words frozen on the screen. I had been skeptical about it ahead of time, but I’m looking to find out how to post a link to it on this blog.

Wednesday – Buzz the Book turned out to be a fine encapsulation of the story I want to share. I liked the excerpt chosen for my novel, but after reading the later spotlight of William Hay’s The Originals, which featured a fine snapshot of the action, I felt I would have liked to have picked a later and more vivid scene. Buzz the Book did receive an apt comment from a reader – Bill Hay who is also on Tour this month.

Thursday – The visit to Paperback Writer gave me an opportunity to describe the process of writing The Wildcat’s Victory and finding a publisher for it. The site has many such interviews that give a visitor a good window into the motivations and experiences of a group of authors.

Friday – Beyond the Books
Featured an interview that explored my writing experiences on the road to being published with Deadly Enterprise and The Wildcat’s Victory as well as a bit of work to come.

So the first week is over, but the Tour has five visits next week. I’ll post the week’s schedule tomorrow after I check there are no last minute changes. The contest to WIN A COPY of The Wildcat’s Victory is still on. Visit the tour sites and make a comment to be eligible for the draw.

This is Day 4 of the Book Tour

March 6, 2008

The race to win the free copy of The Wildcat’s Victory is neck and neck, but it’s between me and Cheryl, the lady shepherding my book tour at the moment. What’s up, folks – too shy to write anything on the blog sites? The owners of the sites won’t bite.

While I’d prefer to reserve my time and energy for fiction writing, it’s liberating to jump in to an ongoing discussion on a forum and root for someone’s idea that seems to have become swamped. I receive notifications from three or four discussion sites whenever someone jumps on my arguments and I can decide if it’s worth logging on to strike back. I don’t have any emotional investment in being proven right – such a thing is impossible in such a forum anyway, but I do believe in participatory democracy and see Internet fora as a brave new approach to freedom of speech.

Those ideas are among the sentiments that drive Gisel Matah, the protagonist of my Iskander series novels. She passionately believes in the promotion of the Common Good even though she belongs to an elitist organization that profits from capitalizing on that which others cannot. I know that’s a bit different – in timescale, anyway – than movements to protect the Commons in our societies, where collective rights and ownership have been looted since the 80s in order that free trade may be shown to increase wealth. If truth were known, the net gain would be very close to zero. Of course, no one accepts what I say. Which is why writers all write – in the hope that one day they might produce an “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that changes the world.

Can’t happen unless you write – and unless you network with other writers to create a community that raises the profile and success of us all. Writing a comment to a blog shows you’ve been there . . . and perhaps that you care.

Visit Paperback Writer to talk about The Wildcat’s Victory

Have a good day, and do your bit for your own future………Chris

Win a Free Copy of The Wildcat’s Victory

March 5, 2008

Hi All:

Today the Virtual Book Tour visits Buzz the Book  for a brief description and a part of the first chapter.

The site does more than this, because at the bottom of the entry it posts this:-
If you would like to follow Christopher’s tour, visit  in March. Leave a comment on his blog stops and become eligible to win a free copy at the end of his tour! One lucky winner will be announced on this blog on March 31

YES at the end of the month long Book Tour, one person who followed the tour and commented on even one blog will win the draw for a free POD paperback copy of The Wildcat’s Victory. The draw will be handled by Pump Up Your Book Promotion, but I will mail out the free copy from here.

Talking about the POD copies, I’m hoping to see them today. They are late, but I was able to use the tracking number and learned they arrived in Lethbridge overnight and set out on the truck at 7:30 this morning for delivery. Three of them have to be mailed to reviewers for this blog tour – I hope my reviewers can read quickly.