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February 12, 2011

While my new website is gathering visitors, many of whom are downloading the free novella “Gisel Matah and the Slave Ship”, I’m getting ready for a big announcement at my other blog, now pointed to promotion for my fantasy novel “Rast” from MuseItUp Publishing. I have a new promotional blurb posted there today, at
Yes, “Rast” should be released in a little over two weeks.

In the world of Gaia and my Iskander series novels, I have a promotion planned with another author. Joe Douglas Trent has just had his historical fantasy thriller “The King of Silk” published by MuseItUp. Somewhat similar to the Iskander series, in that his protagonist is projected into another world, the Italy of 1492, we both have novels that explore the adventures of modern people in earlier times.

We propose to post an ongoing discussion on a new writing forum The Professional Writers Connect . Anyone registered on the site will be welcomed to join in as we compare and contrast our fictional scenarios and the themes we explore in our novels. I hope we get writers there with other ‘takes’ on the theme of modern meets ancient – and by posting our discussions also on readers’ sites, we hope to bring readers to our novels to see what the fuss is all about.

I’ll let you know when the first posts are done and also where readers may join us when we decide on those venues.

In other news:  The website, is almost complete and already working nicely. I’m mulling over what links and announcements should be posted. Obviously, links to these blogs should be added, as well as to those of other friends and associates. Feel free to send suggestions. I’m finally clearing the decks for a concentrated bash at polishing my latest novel “Mindstream” before sending it away to a publisher and an agent or two. Being an entirely different work – in theme and scenario – from my other novels, I’m looking for a home for it in a slot where that kind of novel already has a presence. Until it is placed and gets a blog of its own, I will post updates and teasers here once in awhile.