About “The Wildcat’s Victory”

Join Gisel Matah as she gallops over battlefields at the head of Iskander’s 3rd Cavalry in this sequel to “Deadly Enterprise”.

While the Iskander-Felger partnership increases in power and influence, and her lover Yohan extends their transportation network up the Lubitz River with a fleet of steam tugs, Gisel becomes involved in a bold strategy to end the Empire’s siege of neighbouring Leki.

Undercover intrigue opens the adventure when an agent of hers is murdered aboard one of their own vessels. Then she has to lie to friends to protect the fledgling Radical movement she hopes may one day lead their allies to more egalitarian governments. Her relationship falters when both she and Yohan keep secrets from the other because the Baron has Yohan smuggle a steam engine to the Empire.

Her old enemy Zagdorf lurks in the background to harm her and Iskander, but the greatest challenge she must meet is facing down the psychopathic Crown Prince of Skathia who threatens them all with destruction. Iskander’s steam engines and artillery are coveted by both enemies and friends. Some see Iskander’s technology as a liberating force and some fear it as a demon. Who knows better how their hopes and fears for the future will fare than Gisel, regarded by the superstitious Prince as ‘daughter of the man who mates fire and water’?

Her old lover, General Lord Ricart, causes her and Yohan a terriffic row when he offers her a cavalry command. Yohan strives to calm his jealousy and his fear for her as she goes to war, and even plays his own part in the action. The future of many nations hinges on her tactical and negotiating skills in a confrontation along the Makberg River, not far from the location at Abersholm that determined her fortunes in “Deadly Enterprise”. New friends, allies, and enemies as well as all the old ones fill the pages when Major Gisel Matah sets out to gain “The Wildcat’s Victory”.


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